Safe Man Walking


The high innovation at the service of pedestrians and cyclists


Safe Man Walking (SMW) is an innovative and smart signaling system for pedestrian/cyclist crossings on roads ituated in dimly lit and busy areas.

Its main function is to signal pedestrian or cyclist thanks to LED oriented towards the inside of crossing and to alert the driver inducing him to slow down and stop giving priority to the pedestrian / cyclist in transit thanks to intermittently LED oriented towards outside.

The project was carried out by a partnership of Apulian companies participant at Living Labs SmartPuglia 2020.



The system is composed by:

Road marker


Its function is to illuminate with a fixed light beam the pedestrian that cross on the zebra, and to alert the driver with an intermittent light beam that the pedestrian is crossing.

Crossing sensors


Infrared sensors placed at the beginning and at the end of the crosswalks/passing lanes detect the presence of a pedestrian.

The LEDs light up in the presence of pedestrians allowing the safe crossing.



SMW is also a system for studying the flow of vehicles and pedestrians: it detects the number of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles in transit, as well as the maximum and average speed of those, in a specific time gap and near the crossing on which SMW is installed.

Visual and audible warning devices

Segnalatori acustici e visivi

The system can be integrated with sound signals and with a display for countdown to indicate to the pedestrian the remaining time for the crossing.

It makes life easier for people with disabilities.

Installation video: